The Siblings Project {April 18}

What an amazing month these two have had. My two little travellers!  This month they’ve spent sixteen days away from home visiting Matteo’s parents in Italy and his Sister in Germany. They’ve had a wonderful time and their Italian has come on loads. It’s been tough on us being away from them for so long but knowing that they were happy and safe meant we were less worried about them.  Also knowing that they have always each other makes it easier.

Snapshots & Scenes from March 18

I can’t believe we are a quarter of the way through the year but what with the crazy weather we had at the end of Winter, I’m really ready for it to get a bit warmer now. As I write this Ethan and Oliver are enjoying some Spring sunshine in Germany and have been wearing their beloved shorts and t-shirts at the park the last two days. March was another busy month for us and went by way too fast.  I think I can safely say the highlight for all of us was our trip to Bridlington for Mother’s Day weekend.

24 Hours by the Sea – Our Trip to Bridlington

Get our family photo albums out of my Mum’s wardrobe and you’ll see plenty of photos of my brother and I as children on holiday on a British beach, digging holes, making sandcastles and burying each other, sometimes in wooly jumpers, sometimes in swimming costumes or shorts.  I remember the donkey rides, tea from a flask and the fact that packed lunch sandwiches always tasted so much nicer than if they had just been made.  

Me & Mine Project {March 18}

I’ve no idea how March finished so quickly. It only seems like five minutes since I was writing our last Me & Mine post at the end of February.  We had just finished half-term and the boys had gone back to school and now they are already on their Easter holiday.

Snapshots & Scenes from February 2018

Does February feel like ages ago or is is it that this final push to Spring feels like it’s taking so long?  I’ve finally put together last month’s Snapshots & Scenes post which is a round up of our everyday moments and adventures.  Since I bought my new camera last Christmas, I just love capturing our life through a mixture of photos and video, although sometimes it can get tiring and I don’t pick up the camera for a few days, especially when we’re busy with school runs and work.  The highlight of February had to be Half-term, just that little break from routine and the non-stop hamster wheel of school, work, bed repeat.

Me & Mine Project {February 18}

 February has finished. I normally feel relief at knowing that Spring is just around the corner but what with the freezing temperatures and snow of this week I’m wishing the time away a bit.  Tonight the temperature is -6! February has gone quickly, half-term flew by. I’ve worked two weekend days and been to a conference on one of the other weekends. 

jan 18

Me & Mine Project {January 18}

January has been really tiring. We’ve been so busy and there has been so much going on I feel like we haven’t had much proper family time.  We’ve spent a lot of time at home but similarly it feels like we’ve spent a lot of time running around to work, school, after-school activities, parties and more. I can’t wait for the weather to be better so that we can go to the park and I won’t want to leave after about twenty minutes because I’m freezing and I can’t feel my feet or nose anymore!

Snapshots & Scenes from January 2018

   January has been so busy for us what with back to school routine, me teaching over two weekends and one evening, Matteo having his tonsils out and the boys having a great social life and going to two birthday parties.  I’ve craved time at home in the warmth and comfort food.

Snapshots & Scenes from December 2017

What a busy month December was.  It was packed with stuff and just went so fast. I am loving putting together these monthly posts and videos looking back at the past month. I hope the boys will look back on them in years to come especially this one when Christmas was so magical.

Me & Mine Project {December 17}

Goodbye 2017, you’ve been good to us. This year I set a goal to take more family photos. I’d bought a new camera in the January sales and wanted to capture more images of the four of us together and I’m so pleased to say I’ve done it; at least one photo a month for a whole year.