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Reducing Food Waste with Too Good To Go

*This is not a sponsored post

With the cost of living rising and the price of food, bills and fuel soaring, we can all try to do our best at budgeting and living as economically as possible. If that’s by meal planning, trying to use our cars less or by turning down the heating by half a degree, it all helps the budget. One of my bugbears is food waste as we are all guilty of buying too much of something or forgetting about something in the back of the fridge and then having to throw it away. Something that we do to try to reduce food waste and our food bills is go shopping in the evenings when there are more likely to be items reduced. We have also been using an app called Too Good To Go where you can find food items from local shops, cafes and restaurants at a greatly reduced price. These items would have ended up in the bin at the end of the day if they were unsold.

We have used the app on several occasions over the last few years and had a mostly positive experience. The app uses your location to find your most local retailers and you can create a favourites list so you can easily see when these have items available. The items are called Magic Bags and are usually sold at a third of the original price. The app separates the items into categories such as Baked Goods, Groceries and Meals.

Below you can see the magic bag we saved from a food distribution company.

Below is a groceries magic “bag” we saved from our local Morrisons. This produce is worth £10 and we paid just £3.09.

Morrisons box

Below is a magic bag we have saved multiple times from our local carvery. The portion size is amazing and makes the perfect easy dinner for my boys. We paid £4.69 – full price £13.

Other favourites of ours include Starbucks, Birds Bakery and Panku Sushi.

So why not if you haven’t already done it, download the app today and get saving some great food!

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