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jan 18
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Me & Mine Project {January 18}

January has been really tiring. We’ve been so busy and there has been so much going on I feel like we haven’t had much proper family time.  We’ve spent a lot of time at home but similarly it feels like we’ve spent a lot of time running around to work, school, after-school activities, parties and more. I can’t wait for the weather to be better so that we can go to the park and I won’t want to leave after about twenty minutes because I’m freezing and I can’t feel my feet or nose anymore!

It’s a proper last minute photo this month but I wanted to get one in January as the whole point of this project is to capture us all month by month and create an online photo diary.  I look so tired on this picture and Matteo is not himself as he had his tonsils out ten days ago. Ethan is too busy eating his after-school snack of Oreo cookies. The only one that looks great is Ollie, so cute and always ready to smile for a picture!

jan 18

I just find that time flies by so fast. We get caught up in the whirlwind that is the week at school and work, spellings, reading, swimming, karate etc and then when it’s the weekend I want to stop totally and do nothing but still need time to clean, change beds etc and actually spend some quality time together.  I’m hoping that February won’t be so hectic but I’m away one day this weekend and working one day next weekend so roll on half term so we can have at least two family days.

jan 18

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