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The Siblings Project {June 17}

The last few weeks have been jam packed for the boys. From class photos and a school trip to White Post farm to a full half term, including a day with Nana and Grandad, hair cuts, dentist visits, a day out with friends and our family trip to Legoland and then last week, Ethan’s surgery to have a raised mole removed.  I have quite a lot of different photos to share this month. I hope you enjoy looking through them and can tell they’ve had lots of fun together this month.

We’re just settling in to the last six weeks of term and then I can’t believe the boy’s first school year will be done.  It really has flown by.  The boys really enjoyed their school trip to White Post Farm just before half term.  We used to have annual passes and go almost every week so they know their way around.  The only problem was that Ethan’s class played inside and Oliver’s outside so even though they had a great time, Ethan was upset that he didn’t play on the trampoline.  He soon forgot about it though but only after he told us about four times!

We had a really fun half term.  On the Saturday we went to Rushcliffe Country Park for a few hours.  The boys call it big park because the playground is huge and there are about 8KM of footpaths/cycle tracks.  It’s the place we went to last summer to let them ride their bikes for the first time without stabilisers.  The weather was lovely but very windy and I was absolutely freezing watching the boys play!  They loved climbing on the massive climbing frame and going on the zip wire.  On the Sunday, it was my Birthday and we had a quiet day at home and a lovely family barbecue.  You can see our #meandmineproject photos from that day here.  On the Tuesday the boys were with my parents and they had a nice day out. Wednesday we had the busiest day.  We went to the bank, then the dentist, then back home for lunch, then for a haircut, to get new sandals and to the supermarket.

On Thursday we met some friends at Cresswell Crags.  The boys had a great time playing on the playground.  We had a picnic and then went for a walk around the lake.  Here is a photo of them sitting in front of the hyena in the visitor’s centre:

On the Friday and Saturday we went to Legoland. It was the first time for the boys going to a theme park and they absolutely loved it, especially the new Ninjago ride.  It was so lovely to see them having such fun.  The weather was amazing.  Oliver loved choosing some pick n mix lego pieces in the shop and they both bought a keyring and a Nexo Knights shield and sword. The first day they were asking me all day when we could go to the water park part.  We waited until later on so that we could go straight to the hotel and get properly washed and dry.  All the other kids were running around, splashing and going crazy and after all that fuss Ethan and Oliver just stood there getting wet and cold.  They only went down the smallest slide!!

After a crazy jump on the hotel beds they were so good at dinner, colouring and keeping themselves amused.

The day after we got back from Legoland we went to a local Open Farm Sunday at The Real Milk Company for a bit of fresh air and a walk.  The boys loved climbing on the hay bales, eating chocolate ice cream and trying out the tractors:

On Wednesday last week Ethan has his operation to have a mole removed on his face.  He was such a brave boy, I’m so proud of him.  I thought it would be awful having to starve him after an early breakfast but he was the first on the list.  Matteo took Oliver to school and then we headed to the hospital for midday.  Ethan went in to surgery at 1.30pm and was out again by 2.15.  He was a bit dizzy and nauseous when he came round but he fell back to sleep on Matteo for a little while and had something to eat when he woke up again.  I was picking up Oliver from school at this time, much to his dismay – his face when he saw it was me and not Daddy was a picture – I’ve never felt more loved!!  We went straight back to the hospital and Ethan was already ready to come home.  He went to school the next day and after school on Friday we took his bandage off.  He’s been ever so good and not complained of any pain.  He’s done PE this week and the only reason he didn’t do swimming the other day is that he’s got another mild chest infection and is on antibiotics again.

This Sunday we went for a walk in town.  The boys love catching the bus and sitting up on the top deck at the front.  We went to pick up some doughnuts and then to try out a new ice cream place that’s opened.  Again they went for chocolate but loved also trying Daddy’s caramel one!:

This last photo is one I shared yesterday on Instagram and Facebook.  I took it on my phone and I love it, they just look so grown up and yet still so little:

As you can see we had a really busy month. To have a look back at last month please click here.

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