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The Siblings Project {July 17}

It’s the middle of July! One more week and it’s the school holidays.  I can’t believe these two have just about finished their first year at school.  These last few weeks have been all about wearing shorts every day to school, sports day, time at the park, football on a Saturday morning and plenty of ice cream in the freezer.

Siblings Project July 17

The photos I’m sharing this month are from Monday 19th June. The boys had an inset day and it was so hot. They begged me all afternoon to set up the hose pipe so they could run back and forward through the spray and here are a few shots!  Imagine the sound of them screaming and laughing and then having to go in to get their goggles from the swimming bag!

Siblings Project July 17

The boys had great fun on Sports Day. I managed to get the time off work to go and watch.  The children did lots of little games in teams such as throwing the bean bag into the hoops and jumping over little hurdles.  Then they moved on to the more traditional sports day races such as the egg and spoon and sack race. The children were so funny, watching all the parents on the side when they were supposed to be looking forward and checking to make sure their eggs hadn’t fallen off!  Ethan won his running race and was very proud of himself. Oliver made me laugh so much, looking like he was so embarrassed to have me cheering him on!

Siblings Project July 17

The last two weeks have been a change to our usual routine with me starting a new job and doing the first part of my training full-time. The boys have coped really well with only minimal meltdowns because of tiredness, although it did happen two mornings in a row this week and all over socks!  They both had “class retreats” last week where the parents were invited to the classroom at the end of the day to hear them do a little bit of singing and show what they had been learning about.  I managed to get to Oliver’s but could’t get to Ethan’s which he was a bit upset about and made me have major Mum guilt but I’ve been to almost every other thing and as a working mum it’s so hard to be there for absolutely everything.  A good thing about these last two weeks is that Matteo has taken them to the childminder twice and has picked them up most days which he does’t normally do so that has made them very happy!

Siblings Project July 17

Four weeks to go and the boys will be ready to go to Italy but before that we have a final week at school and three weeks of school holidays including one week at camp.  I think we’re all looking forward to not having to rush to get ready and get out of the house on time every day.  Bring on the summer and let’s hope for some more good weather.

Siblings Project July 17
Siblings Project July 17

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