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The Siblings Project {May 17}

The last four weeks has been about getting back to routine after Easter holidays and chicken pox.  Ethan got over it so fast, a few days with a temperature and then the rest was just waiting for this spots to dry up.

Last weekend we went to town, we went on the bus and met Matteo after he had finished his volunteering.  I said the boys could take some money from their money box as they had been given some by Matteo’s parents before they left.  Ethan spotted a Power Rangers scooter in TK Maxx so we said he could have it. There was only one but Oliver decided he wanted a Ninja Turtles one so the next day I found one on the Argos website, ordered it and we went to pick it up about an hour later.  We also got them new helmets as for a long while now Oliver has needed a new one because the velcro on the inside has completely worn out.  Ethan wanted a Batman helmet but when he tried it on in the shop it was too small for his wide head!  He was a bit upset but eventually decided he would have the same one as Oliver.

We had fun in town, eating pizza, then pancakes and ice cream and then getting the bus home.  They boys love sitting on the top deck right at the front so they can look out the window.

Last week I also took Ethan for another hospital appointment to check the raised mole on his cheek.  He’s now been referred to a plastic surgeon to discuss removing it as they think it will only continue to grow and he may keep catching it and making it bleed.

I’m only sharing one photo this month, it’s grainy because it was dark obviously but this just melts my heart.  it was taken a couple of weeks ago. I think Oliver fell asleep and then Ethan got in with him as they keep trying to fall asleep together but I just hear them talking and moving about and when I go up to check on them when it’s gone quiet they’re always back in their own beds.  They’ve been playing so well together recently with hardly any squabbling.  You know when you children are messing about when they should be in bed but you can’t bring yourself to tell them off and stop them because they’re so cute?!

They’ve been so excited about the sun and better weather. Ethan is obsessed with when he will be able to wear shorts and on Thursday last week they were able to wear them to school. It made them very happy but then so sad on Friday morning to have to wear trousers again because it was raining.

Let’s hope the next four weeks bring some more sunny weather as half term is coming up at the end of the month and we’re off to Legoland for two days. The boys keep asking how many days until we go, they can’t wait.

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