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A Calmer Bedtime with Better You
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A Calmer Bedtime with BetterYou & *Giveaway*

Bedtime in our house can be stressful, two boys that don’t want to go to bed, excuses and distractions to delay getting in bed. They are too busy watching TV or playing with Lego, messing about getting changed, trying to use our bed as a trampoline, twenty questions as you’re turning off the light, sometimes getting back out of bed to go to the toilet again or to come downstairs and ask us something else.

Magnesium sleep lotion

Bedtime is a nightmare

Over the summer, when the evenings were so light, we had such trouble getting the boys in bed that I felt at the end of my tether. Stressed and exhausted because I felt like I didn’t have an evening as once they were in bed, I still had loads of clearing up and organising for the next day that by the time I sat down, it was so late that I was just ready to go to bed myself. I was so worried that they weren’t getting enough sleep as however late they go to sleep, and even if they sleep well, they always wake up at the same time.  I was then worried that that would impact on their concentration at school, make it even harder to get them to practise their reading and spellings with us in the evening.

Better You magnesium lotion

We needed some help, a new tactic, not just a reward system or some incentive for the boys but something to actually help calm those post dinner energy boosted mad half hours, to quieten their minds so that after a bedtime story, they would settle quickly and fall asleep easily.

Better you mineral sleep lotion

A Solution?

BetterYou sent us some of their Magnesium Sleep lotion to try. We’ve been using it for just over a month now (although I have to admit not every night) and although I haven’t noticed a difference in their behaviour before they get in bed, what I have noticed is that on evenings when we use the mineral lotion, as soon as I turn off the light, they are settled and don’t get up again. They seem to fall asleep quicker. For example, the other night I forgot to use the lotion and even after a long day at school and then the childminder and a twenty minute bedtime story, they got up twice after the light was switched off to come downstairs and ask questions.

The boys love having the lotion massaged into their backs. They think it’s funny when I squeeze their shoulders.  I just pump two blobs into my hand and quickly massage it into their skin. The scent is lovely and calming and the lotion absorbs quickly and is not sticky at all.  I’m definitely going to keep using it and look forward to seeing if it makes any difference next summer when the nights get lighter again.

Magnesium sleep lotion

Information about the Magnesium Sleep Lotion:

BetterYou™ Magnesium Sleep Lotion Junior delivers an expertly blended combination of Magnesium Chloride, to help relax tired bodies and Lavender and Chamomile, to slow sensory activity and quieten the mind. Together they promote a restful night’s sleep.

  • An essential part of any child’s bedtime routine
  • Naturally relaxes tired bodies
  • Supports a restful night’s sleep for your little ones
  • Absorbs rapidly into the skin, helping prepare the body for sleep
  • Lavender and Chamomile, slows sensory activity and quietens the mind

An essential part of any bedtime routine, Magnesium Sleep Lotion Junior is clinically proven to improve sleep quality, enabling children to wake more refreshed.

5ml of Magnesium Sleep Mineral Lotion Junior delivers a minimum of 37mg of optimally absorbable elemental magnesium.

Magnesium is nature’s finest relaxant and has a calming effect on the entire body.

BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Mineral Lotion Junior provides an expert combination of magnesium chloride, natural lavender and chamomile.

The formulation is suitable from 1 year of age and is clinically proven to relax tired muscles, slow sensory activity and quieten the mind, helping your child fall into a deeper, more sustained sleep cycle.

Optimal absorption

Innovative water in oil formulation to ensure optimal transdermal absorption.

How transdermal magnesium supplements work:

Formulated for topical use and applied directly on to the skin Magnesium Sleep Lotion is absorbed into the highly porous epidermis and through to the blood vessels and muscles beneath. Completely bypassing the digestive system where many nutrients are not absorbed. Transdermal magnesium offers a simple and scientifically proven method of magnesium supplementation.

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*Disclosure – we were sent two bottles of Magnesium Sleep Lotion in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. We used to do magnesium (Epsom) salt baths with our boy when he was younger, and I’ve been looking at other magnesium products such as this to try, so it was interesting reading your review!

  2. I really might have to try this! My son has been a right pickle at the mo with bedtime – just faffing about and delaying it as much as poss. Lavender is always great isn’t it and i know my son would love me to massage it on his back! #KCACOLS

  3. This sounds great! I have the same issues with my girls. They have so much energy that it is crazy and feel my evenings are reduced a lot because of that. I would definitely check this product out and try it at home. Fingers crossed it works. Thanks for sharing this review with us. 🙂 #kcacols

  4. This sounds really good, can adults use it too as I think I could do with some lol.

  5. Interesting I really didn’t know there was a correlation between magnesium and good sleep. My youngest is a bit testy about sleeping now and I think something like this could be useful #KCACOLS

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