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Treat Your Spring Allergies Naturally – Guest Post by Brigitte Evans

As soon as springtime rolls around and everyone gets happy about the sunshine and warm days, a large group of people also have a daunting feeling creeping up on them: the allergies are coming. Every sniffle becomes a sign that the days of puffy eyes and clogged noses are getting closer, and we are arming ourselves for the season. For some, it will only be a month or so, while for others, it will last from the first days of spring, all the way until fall. But before you start stuffing yourself with medicine, try these simple natural remedies that will help you get through the allergies with fewer symptoms, or none at all.

Herbs that help

If we go back in time, the first medicine we used were herbs. They are Mother Nature’s way to treat many symptoms and get us through tough times. One of these herbs is elderflower. The flowers can be dried and ground up for herbal teas, aiding in boosting your immune system and reducing allergic reactions. Make sure you avoid all other parts of the plant, since they can be dangerous. Another crowd favorite is mint, and it’s more than just for mojitos. Peppermint tea is soothing for a sore or itchy throat that is often a symptom of allergies, but it is also helpful with nasal congestion. And one plant that is not at all a favorite, but perhaps the most useful, is stinging nettle. It is a histamine reducer, helping minimize allergy symptoms while also acting as an anti-inflammatory. Brew teas and drink them twice per day to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Controlling your environment

We can’t always choose where we spend our time, so sometimes being exposed to allergens is inevitable. But wherever we can take control: we should. This can sometimes be hard for kids, because they want to spend time outside in nature, where they are most exposed. You can try and combat this by learning which specific plants trigger their allergies and going to parks or playgrounds that are free of those particular plants. If they are sensitive to pollen, spending time in an evergreen forest can be a good bet too. In your home, you should make sure you are keeping the place as clean as possible, because dust can amplify the effects of some allergies. To make sure your home is fresh and clean, find the best air purifier for allergies which will filter out the pollen, dust and allergens, making your home a safe space for you and your kids.

Healthy diet

The best way to defend yourself from allergies is to build up your immune system, and the way to do that is through a healthy diet. You want to eat foods full of vitamins and proteins that will protect your body. Foods rich in Vitamin C like fruits and vegetables will help strengthen your immune system, and probiotics like yogurt will help with your gut health. More and more research points to our gut being the number one soldier in our bodies’ defenses, so introducing healthy bacteria will go a long way. A great help for seasonal allergies is organic honey, and Gold Bee Nutrition sells organic honey full of protein and fiber, so this is worth looking into. 

Nasal rinse

A lot of allergies come from pollen that is stuck in our nasal canals, so rinsing them out with a saline rinse will help relieve some of the symptoms. You can buy a saline rinse in a pharmacy, but you can also make your own and use a reusable apparatus. It is extremely important that you use completely clean water when making a saline solution, because dirty water can lead to serious infections. Tilt your head and pour the saline solution into one nostril. It will come out the other one, flushing the pollen and allergens out with it. It’s important not to do this too often, since it can weaken the natural defenses in your nose and leave you even more susceptible to future allergen exposure.

Living with allergies is not impossible, and most people can get through their lives without too much fuss. But for people who have other conditions such as asthma, allergies can be dangerous and need to be given special attention and care. Allergies can also be triggered by traumatic events in our lives, so they can appear in any stage of your life. It is important to teach kids (and practice yourself) not to scratch your eyes when they are itching, because that will only spread the allergens further. Remember that it’s just for a single season, and with these natural remedies, it will hopefully go by unnoticed.

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