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The Siblings Project {October 17}

Autumn is here although as I’m writing this we’re having an Indian Summer. 19 degrees in October, what’s going on? The boys have still be asking to wear shorts every day at school although I haven’t let them but they have been able to wear them at football. These few weeks are all about the countdown to the boy’s birthday. Everyday we get asked “Can we have … for our birthday?” “How many days until our birthday?” and the list of questions goes on!

pumpkin farm

This month’s photos were taken last Sunday at Maxey’s Farm in Kirklington. We went to find a pumpkin for Halloween and came away with one big one and two little ones. The boys had such fun pushing the wheelbarrow around. We also enjoyed a sausage cob and the boys had a chocolate apple on the way home. I made a little video of our outing which you can watch below:

The last four weeks have been all about spellings and reading.  I’m finding it really hard to fit it all in but the boys are doing so well. Last week they got 7/10 in their spelling test and this week Oliver got 7/7 and Ethan got 6/7. Oliver said he also got 3 merits for doing well so we’re so pleased.

One more week at school (in fact only 4 days as they have an inset day on Friday) and then it’s half term. The boys are with Nana and Grandad for three days and then with me for three days. We haven’t made any fixed plans yet so we’ll see what the weathers like and hopefully get out a bit.

Thank you for reading. To look back at our September photos just click here.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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    1. Thank you, I know, rain tomorrow though so we’d better make the most of it! x

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