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The Siblings Project {September 17}

This time last month I was sending the boys off on their Italian/German adventure and now they’re back at school and it seems so long ago already.  Summer officially ends in a few days and the nights are drawing in.  We’ve literally only done one full week at school (the boys missed the first two days as we didn’t come back from Italy until last Friday.

We’re not back into routine at all and I’m not sure we will be for a while. I’ve been waking them up every morning and struggling to get them to calm down at bedtime. I think they’re over tired and have been having a crazy half hour just before bed every night.  I’ve just felt like a broken record, telling them over and over again to eat and get ready in a morning and then asking them to calm down and get ready for bed at night. They’re just not listening to us at all.  Oliver especially seems to be in his own little world most of the time and the only person he lets in is Ethan apart from when he wants cuddles at bedtime.

The boys’ had the most fantastic month, firstly with Matteo’s Mum, Dad and Sister. They travelled to Germany and back and made some new friends.  They then travelled down to the seaside where we met them and enjoyed just over a week in the sunshine.  They loved going to the beach in the mornings and being by the pool in the afternoon although the pool water was so freezing we couldn’t get them to swim for long.  We pumped up their little boat and they enjoyed sitting in it and being pulled around.  They ate really well and tried new things like crab and rabbit and they also had afternoon naps so they could stay up a little later at night and play table football with Daddy.

These photos were taken on Wednesday 13th. We had just come home from school and they enjoyed sharing a pizza before I took them to karate.  Ethan has decided recently he doesn’t like cheese on pizza every time so he just had his as a Marinara with oregano.  We are loving this Crosta & Mollica pizza base at the moment as you can just add whatever toppings you like to it. Making them eat straight after school is hopefully going to work better for us on a Wednesday as by the time they get home from karate and have a pudding/snack and drink it’s almost 7pm and time a quick read of a book and bed.

Take a look back at August’s photos which I took at the airport here.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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