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Siblings Project November 2018
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The Siblings Project {November 18}

The last four weeks of these two being six.  The last couple of months they’ve suddenly seemed much taller.  Half term went by in a flash, with our trip to Wollaton Hall to see the Jurassic Kingdom exhibition, a family brunch at The Pudding Pantry and Halloween. I love the autumn feel and the colours in this month’s photos from a park trip on the 11th. The boys wanted to go on their skateboards but ended up moaning and bickering the whole time so we just gave up and went to the playground!  Here is November’s Siblings Project Post.

Siblings Project Nov 18 Blog

People always ask me about the boys, whether they are very similar or different in personality and likes and dislikes and I always say they are different. They are very similar but they are different people and they have their own tastes.  In this post as an example, I thought I’d compile a list of foods that one likes but the other doesn’t.  As you can see Oliver is a lot less picky with his vegetables but has very different tastes to Ethan in terms of flavours.

Things that Ethan likes that Oliver doesn’t:

Marzipan flavour

Cherry flavour

Smoked salmon


Mince Pies

Flying Saucer sweets

Things that Oliver likes that Ethan doesn’t:

Green smoothies




Pine Nuts

Brussel sprouts

Sweet potato


Halloween Siblings Project November 18
Siblings Project November 18
Siblings Project November 18
Siblings Project November 18

To see October’s post and photos click here.  Thank you for reading x

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