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Me & Mine Project {May 18}

May has been so busy.  I must say it every month but this month really has flown by. We were all so ready for a bit of a break.  We have had trouble getting the boys to bed in the evening which has lead to them being grumpy and tired in the mornings. It all came to a head last week with me feeling tired, emotional, hormonal and stressed and I started with a migraine which then lasted six days.  I’m glad to say that over the last few days I have felt much better, more relaxed and less anxious.  Thank goodness for half-term and a week off work.  We have enjoyed some fantastic weather this month so we have tried to make the most of it as this might be our summer and June, July and August could be terrible!

Me & Mine May 18 blog

This month we have great news that Matteo has a new job which he will be starting in a few weeks time.  Because of this we have made the decision to buy another car because I use one for work and he will need one to get to work.  We have managed with only one car and using public transport for many years now.  Also this month our car went to be repaired and we had a courtesy car. It was a lot posher and newer than ours and I was terrified to begin with but by the end of the week I didn’t want to give it back. It was really good for me to drive something new and gave me confidence that I can drive other cars.  May is also mine and Matteo’s birthday month so we always use this last week to treat ourselves and enjoy a day and/or a meal out.

Me & Mine Project May 18

This month Matteo has been loving:

Some me-time – a massage

Being able to watch the boys’ collective worship assembly

Handing his notice in at work

Our zoo trip

A full english breakfast at The Crimson Tree

Picking up the new car

Me & Mine Project May 18

This month I have been loving:

Re-reading one of my favourite books

Watching The Woman in White

Blog On X in Manchester

Seeing family for Grandma’s 90th birthday

Getting to drive a Hyundai i40 for a week while our car was repaired

Getting back into swimming

Watching the boys’ collective worship assembly

Half-term zoo trips and family time in the sun with picnics

Lie ins and resting

Me & Mine May 18

This month the boys have been loving:

Getting to wear shorts most days at school

Playing football with their cousins at Grandma’s 90th get together

A trip to Smiggle

Zoo days

A trip to big park, bike ride and a picnic

Trying new games on the tablet

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Thank you for reading x

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