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The Siblings Project {February 17}

It’s the second Siblings Project of the year and this month I’m sharing some shots from Sunday afternoon at my Mum & Dad’s house. We went for lunch and to drop off the boys for two days as it’s Half Term and both myself and Matteo are working Monday and Tuesday.

The last few weeks have had their ups and downs.  Two weeks ago Ethan was poorly again, another chest infection, another night in hospital and another round of antibiotics.  He missed another week of school too.  As there has been so much going round lately, including sickness bugs at school the teachers weren’t worried about us keeping him off all week as he probably could have gone back on the Friday.  The boys are in separate classes at school but still spend some time during the day playing together.  Oliver was a bit quiet and subdued that week but seemed to cope fine without Ethan.  In a way it’s good for him and the separation in general over last term and the the last six weeks has really helped with his confidence as I feel sorry for him sometimes as it can seem that he spends a lot of time in Ethan’s shadow.

I love to watch the boy’s bond and this month they have a new game in the bath – blowing raspberries on each other’s tummies to see if they can make the other one laugh.  it’s very cute to watch!  They also love wrestling and play fighting with each other, mostly on the lounge or our bed.  Generally they have been getting on well apart from the odd quarrel over the tablet.

At Nana and Grandad’s they also created a new game which consists of jumping over the other person who is rolling.  Here are two action shots!:

So here’s hoping for a lovely relaxing Half Term.  The boys are having some surprise outings with Nana and Grandad and then we’re going to have a haircut, going to the GP for Ethan’s follow-up appointment and meeting some friends but apart from that I hope we can just have some time-out from the school routine so we can regain some energy for the next six weeks.

You can see what they got up to last month here.

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