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My Italian Connection {Dolce Vita Bloggers}

So when did my connection to Italy begin? Most people think it began when I met Matteo in 2003 but actually it was quite a bit before that.  My first taste of Italy was as a teenager.  We stayed in Sorrento and visited Pompei and Capri.  Something about the people, the food and the language must have drawn me in as while I was doing my A levels I started teaching myself some language basics using an audio course.

My connection to Italy

I decided to apply to study languages at Hull University and in my third year of the four year course I got to do Erasmus and spent half of the year in Italy.  I chose to study in Urbino.  I didn’t want to go to a big town or city like I was going to do for the second half of the year and Urbino sounded like a great university town where I could stay in halls, make some friends and practice my Italian.  Urbino is only reachable by car or bus approximately 90km from the nearest airport, Ancona.  From Ancona I took the train to Pesaro and jumped on the bus. As we were approaching the town on the windy roads coming through the hills of the Apennines I caught a glimpse of the town and instantly fell in love.

My connection to Italy Urbino

There’s something that just gets me about the Palazzo Ducale like a castle out of a fairytale, the cobbled streets, the cafes we used to go to for tea and hot chocolate, slices of pizza at the Pizzeria, everyday items from the €1 shop, sitting up at the Fortezza at the top of the hill looking down over the view in the photo above, it’s just magical. I’m so lucky to have been able to take Matteo before the boys were born and then a couple of years ago go again with my Mum and Matteo’s sister for a quick day trip.  I hope to take the boys one day.

While I was in Urbino, I also did some travelling and visited Bologna, Ravenna, Padova, Venice, Verona, Parma and Florence. I became interested in art and visited all the cathedrals and churches to marvel at the amazing paintings.

My connection to Italy

After I left Urbino, I went to live in Seville in Spain for five months.  When I left there at the end of June 2003, I went to stay with my friend Roberta and her family for two weeks.  We stayed in beautiful Sardinia where the sea was the most amazing blue I’ve ever seen and then travelled back to their flat in the Marche region.  My Italian was a bit rusty after five months in Spain but by the end of those two weeks I was a lot more confident again.  I went back home to England after that year away, the best year of my life so far, where I’d experienced two different cultures, made new friends, tried new foods, travelled to new cities and countries (I also visited Portugal during my stay in Seville), learnt so much about myself and become even more independent but the one thing I hadn’t experience was romance.  I’d sworn I didn’t want an Italian or Spanish boyfriend as they were all sleazy, greasy, calling to you as you walk down the street and way too into their looks.  Three weeks later I went on a night out in Nottingham with my friend Caz and met Matteo and the start of the rest of my Italian adventure began.

My connection to Italy

The first three years of our relationship were tough, doing the long distance thing firstly with me in my final year at uni and later working and living in different cities.  I got a job where I was able to use my languages and visited Italy quite a few times for work.  Matteo and I moved in together in 2006 and then bought a house together a year later.  Our boys were born in 2011 and until then we hadn’t spent Christmas together. Since 2014 we have been alternating where we spend Christmas and since we went to Italy last year we are staying here this year.   We have also been to Italy quite a few times on holiday as a couple to visit his parents in Como and then as a family to the Marche and Abruzzo regions.

My connection to Italy

The boys love Italy, this summer they spent four weeks in Italy with Matteo’s parents and his sister and they had a brilliant time plus their Italian came on so much.  Matteo has always felt strongly about them learning Italian and has therefore always spoken to them and read to them in Italian as well as letting them watch films and cartoons in the language so they are hearing it every day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our story about my connection to Italy.  Click here to see a video of our holiday in Abruzzo this summer.

My connection to Italy

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  1. This is so interesting. I love that you had seen so much of Italy before you met Matteo. I have a real passion for Seville actually. I think it’s such a beautiful city. Really special and I love all the ceramics everywhere around the buildings. But back to Italy! Is Matteo from Como? My Husband is from Saronno so we spend a lot of time in Como. It’s easier than going into Milan and less chaotic! Thank you for joining up this month. Can’t wait to explore your blog more and read your next post! Kristie xx

    1. Seville is gorgeous, I had the best year, I would do it all over again if I could. Matteo is from Laglio, now home to Mr Clooney! xx

  2. I love how Italy was just kinda written in the stars for you, despite all your efforts to not meet an Italian! Also, huge fan that you and I both met our Italian husbands at a club haha. I used to always think it sounded lame but the more I talk to people, the more I realize that so many people meet at bars or clubs and it turns out just fine. So happy to have you as a #DolceVitaBlogger and hope to be consulting your blog more because would love to raise bilingual children should the opportunity arise ?

    1. It’s funny how things work out doesn’t it, like how two people were meant to be in the same place at the same time to randomly meet! x

  3. Ciao! I read that you also visited my city, Padova. It’s little known. I love Urbino too, even if I visited it briefly. My husband’s name is Matteo too!

    1. Padova is beautiful, we went to see the duomo and some other places 🙂

  4. Great blog Laura! I spend my Erasmus year in Urbino when you were there, too, and would have never thought that I eventually marry an Italian 10 years later and grow up two kids with him. Hope to show all of them Urbino one day…

    1. Thank you! Isn’t it funny how things work out? We had a wonderful time on Erasmus didn’t we? xx

  5. “I’d sworn I didn’t want an Italian”… I did the same thing… But look at us now ? Love the story! You’re kids are soooo gorgeous!!!! ???


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