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How Do You Feel in Your Postpartum Body? – Guest Post by Brigitte Evans

Are you constantly tired? Excited and exhausted at the same time? Avoiding the mirror like the plague? Craving both cupcakes and your old jeans back? Every mum goes through a different emotional rollercoaster, but for the most part of the journey, the focus is on the little bundle of joy that you bring to this world. That, however, doesn’t mean that mums don’t need to go through a period of adaptation, in order to bond with the baby, embrace their changed physical appearance and find their inner femme fatale again.

And on that note, every new mum deserves that level of confidence, the feeling that your feminine energy and all those things that make you so undeniably attractive, are not only still there, but amplified by your new purpose in life. To that end, there are many things mums can do to restore their self-confidence and love their bodies on the road to yet another change.

Listen to your body and take your time

Few new mums, if we count out stars and celebs with a slew of caretakers that look after them around the clock, instantly feel the need to perform a striptease for their partner. Your body is recuperating, sleep is constantly on your mind and it takes months to restore anything that resembles a routine. Every woman is different, and so will her needs be. Listen to those needs, try to find your own little habits that help you get out of bed in the morning, and be kind to yourself.

There’s no need to hit the spinning class on your way from the hospital or for a thigh-master to wait for you in the bedroom as soon as you put your newborn to sleep. Start slow, with moderate walks with your partner, some light, gentle stretches to help your hips recover, and your lower back to stop aching. Do what feels good, and cherish your body and your well-being just like you do for your baby.

Don’t use the first weeks as a point of reference

I remember my sister saying that she felt like she had been fired out of a cannon into a concrete wall in the days after she gave birth to her daughter, and that she found her reflection pretty much consistent with the feeling. In terms of the “ick” factor, the several weeks post-delivery tend to be the most difficult ones for most new mums, and as such, they aren’t a realistic representation of your appearance.

Since your internal organs are still returning to their places, your abdominal muscles are yet to restore their strength (all the more reason to exercise during pregnancy and keep your core toned!), the extra flab around your waist should be the least of your concerns – but it still is one, nonetheless. With guidance and proper care, your body will slowly transform back to normal, or the closest to normal as possible, so focus on all the things that feel good, and make yourself comfortable as much as possible.

Nourish and pamper yourself

After seeing a few of my friends and my own sister go through pregnancy, I’m a big believer in having mum showers, and not just baby showers. At least, that’s what we’ve done for my sis – we’ve all pitched in for a month’s worth of regular massages, a personal trainer to guide her through the recovery process, and an amazing book of affirmations to keep her spirits up.

But maybe you as a new mom need something else, so why not express your needs? My sister also felt the need to have a few sessions at the body sculpting clinic to speed up her recovery and restore her figure more efficiently and with professional help. And why not? Women should do precisely what they feel is right for them at that sensitive time. With the right medical guidance, these choices can make all the difference in re-building your feminine self.

Speak up and seek support

Unless you live in Holland or Belgium, where mums get free “kraamzorg”, or ten days of at-home medical care, help around the house and tips on the best ways to breastfeed, bathe and care for your new bundle, you’re likely facing a houseful of chores, a crying infant to tend to, and meeting your own post-natal needs.

Few mums have the time or energy to discuss their feelings of insecurity, unhappiness with their physical appearance, but if you need that, don’t put it off to infinity, share it with your partner, and if necessary, get your doctor’s help, that’s what they’re there for! Getting professional help is another great, and perfectly viable option so that you can have more time to rest and heal.

This post was written by:

Brigitte Evans

Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant

Beauty Department

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