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Me & Mine Project {March 17}

We’re ready for the Easter Holidays here, are you?  Today is the last day of term and I can’t wait to have a bit of a break from the school routine, relax and have a few nice days out. Matteo’s parents are also coming over from Italy for the second week of the holidays so hopefully we will go out for a meal too at some point.  This month we’ve had more illness. Matteo has had a bad cold and had a few days off sick from work.  Ethan has had yet another chest infection and another course of antibiotics. That’s three times in five months, poor boy.  Thus, the boys have unfortunately missed their football, karate and swimming lessons this week.

 I am so glad to have a little bit warmer weather.  Oliver asked to grow some strawberries this year and as the plants we have in the garden have been in for two years I let him pick some new ones at the garden centre this weekend as well as some vegetable seeds. He wants to have a go at growing carrots.  He was so excited to buy Italian seeds!  My spring bulbs are coming up in the garden and the flowers are blooming.  I can’t wait until April when the red tulips come out in the front garden so everything has a bit more colour.

 This month the boys are loving waiting for the weekend to have a treat again and play on the Lego Batman playstation game.  Matteo and I have been loving watching ‘The Hood’ boxset and have just finished Season Two.

These are proper last minute photos. I’ve been meaning to take some pictures for the past week but kept forgetting so we literally put the camera on the windowsill in the lounge when Daddy got home from work and took these two.  I love our crazy family!

We’re looking forward to sharing what we get up to during April with you.

You can look back at our photos from February here and January here.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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