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How Fitness Contributes to Balancing Your Life – Guest Post

Being a working mom with various interests and hobbies often means there will never be enough hours in a day to truly do everything you want to do. Things will end up being moved to the schedule for tomorrow, thus bumping another item on the list for the next day, and so on. It’s one thing to embrace the paradox of unpredictability kids bring into your life, however, when your own time ends up suffering consistently, it’s a whole different problem.

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Still, as a mom, and a curious human being, you can do so much to add more harmony to your existence, and focusing on fitness is a great part of that quest. Here’s how devoting more time to being active and healthy can actually lead to a more balanced life!

Serving as a stress-detox

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We all know that there’s nothing as rewarding as being a mom, but the role comes with a slew of challenges, learning curves, and issues we often find stressful. This is where regular physical activity paired with eating healthy food leads to the perfect outcome for your long-term wellbeing: reducing stress through hormonal balance.

Working out inspires your body to produce more endorphins, also known as happy hormones, and the fresh supply of oxygen is more than enough to improve your mood, let go of stress, and relax. It’s even considered a type of meditation in motion, so you can truly enjoy the moment!

Boosting productivity

Until the time comes when we can add more hours to a day, we need to find other ways to finish more in less time. As a mom, you probably constantly wish you could spare at least one more hour to wrap up an important presentation, make some healthy snacks, or help your kids with a school assignment. However, setting aside an hour to work out could actually give you more time by giving you more energy and motivation.

Exercise is known to improve productivity, thus helping you achieve more in less time, and without sacrificing the quality of the results. You can even use a fitness tracker such as Letscom that allows you to keep track of your health while making sure your busy calendar is in perfect order.

Increasing confidence


Whether you feel insecure about your post-baby belly, or your sedentary life has made it difficult to look like the goddess you want to be, regular exercise is a wonderful way to feel better in your own skin. Working out can boost your overall motivation, make you feel more decisive, and not to mention encourage you to be more disciplined in general.

The next time you want some motivation, you can put on your favorite Adidas sneakers and your best workout outfit to put yourself in the right mood and get to work. As you see yourself make progress and move closer to your goals, you’ll be even more inspired to do the same in other aspects of your life!

Bonding with your kids

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There’s no need to think of workouts as a solitary activity. While you can definitely exercise alone if you’re feeling cranky, it can also be a great opportunity to bond with your youngsters as you work out together by playing volleyball in the park, skating, rollerblading, cycling, swimming, or doing whatever interest you and your kids like!

On a different note, this is a great way to be a good role model for your little munchkins from a young age. As they see you devote time and energy to staying healthy, you’ll blend perfect parenting with fitness into a single effort.

Inspiring other healthy choices
Ultimately, fitness is a combo of healthy eating and avoiding a sedentary life. As you include more activities into your life, no matter if they are dancing, yoga, or weightlifting (you go, power-mom!), you’ll want to add other healthy choices to reinforce your own good lifestyle. After all, your workout session won’t be as productive without a proper meal to follow, and plenty of sleep to recover.

Use this as an opportunity to add more structure into your life, in a way that will naturally empower you to find the perfect balance. We’re all different, and as such, we all crave different things in different amounts – find your harmony and let it flourish with the help of your fitness habits!

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