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Me & Mine Project {April 17}

It’s been a busy month and quite a different one too. The weather has been strange, from summer sun and 18 degrees to freezing cold, windy, overnight frost and even snow and hail for some.  We had the school Easter holidays but spent most of it at home as the boys had chicken pox two weeks apart. Oliver started with it the day they broke up from school and Ethan started with it the Thursday before they went back to school.

Matteo’s parents also came over and stayed with us for twelve days.  They helped us a bit round the house and in the garden and looked after the boys when we were at work. His Mum also cleared my ironing pile which I am so grateful for!!

One day we picked Matteo up from work and went for a drink and a cake at a local garden centre all together.  You can see my Instagram photo of the men of the family here.  

On the second Wednesday of the holidays we went up to Hull to The Deep as I’d promised the boys a day out and a visit to see “Daddy Shark” as the call him.  We found a lovely Italian restaurant and had pizza for lunch before going to the aquarium. I love this photo of Ethan on my Instagram feed.

These photos were taken on Easter Monday at my Mum and Dad’s house. As you can see from what we are wearing it wasn’t that warm so we didn’t stay out in the garden for long!  We had a lovely lunch and my Dad got to practice his Italian speaking to Matteo’s parents.

It was back to school and work the next day for Oliver and for us.  Ethan stayed at home two days with Matteo’s parents to make sure that his spots had dried out completely and then on the Thursday he went back to school and Matteo’s Mum and Dad went home.

It can be strange being back to just the four of us in the house once they leave and we always miss the help, although I’m so grateful not to have to share our one bathroom with five other people for a bit!

This week has been busy, I was trying to do too much last weekend and started with a migraine on the Sunday. I just ignored it and carried on doing jobs in the house and quite a bit in the garden but it’s meant that it’s been sticking around all week whilst I’ve been to work, taught a breastfeeding session and been to re-do my general hospital volunteer training and I only feel “normal” again today (Saturday).

I’m looking forward to seeing what May brings and let’s hope for some better weather for the two bank holiday weekends and mine and Matteo’s Birthdays 🙂

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Below is a bonus photo of my first attempt this month to get our Me & Mine Photos.  It was an ideal opportunity as Matteo’s parents were with us so they could take the photo and I wouldn’t have to set the tripod up.  The rapeseed fields are looking absolutely stunning this month and even though we’re all smiling in the photo, Matteo was in such a bad mood and I hate the way he is holding Oliver so awkwardly.  We had to climb a fence to get (trespass!) into the field which of course we couldn’t ask Matteo’s Mum or Dad to do, it wasn’t that cold but the boys didn’t have a jacket with them and Matteo was making such a fuss (even though his parents were being so nice and wanted to help me with the photo) and just wanted to go home so there you have it, that’s what you have to deal with when you live with dramatic Italians!!

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