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Me & Mine Project {November 17}

This month has mostly been about countdowns.  We had the countdown to the boy’s birthday on the 20th and now we’re properly into the Christmas countdown.  This means being asked every day (sometimes two or three times) how many days it is until Christmas along with the usual how many days until the weekend question!

For the boy’s birthday we decided to go to Clip ‘n Climb Nottingham.  They really enjoyed it although it took Oliver a while to get his confidence up to let go and drop down.  Matteo wants to have a go if we go again.  We then went for a pub meal with my Mum & Dad and my brother and his girlfriend and then back home for tea and chocolate birthday cake.  The day of their birthday was a Monday so the boys were at school but they enjoyed being sung to and took raisins in for all their classmates.

This last weekend we’ve been starting to get in the festive spirit. I took the boys to two small Christmas markets on Saturday. One at church and one in the local town. Then on Sunday we went to order the boy’s bikes for Christmas, bought mince pies (and other things) from M&S and went to see the lights switch on.  There was carol singing and Santa even made an appearance at the end. We were cold but we had a lovely hour and even won a raffle prize.

This month I have been loving celebrating the boys birthday and my cake being a success, starting a Mindful Parenting course at school where I got to have a free 10 minute Indian Head Massage, buying a new mattress (after 10 years of having the old one) on Black Friday and getting the best sleep in a very long time.

Matteo has been loving buying retro presents for the boy’s birthday, a trip to Italy by himself to see family (& get his tonsils checked), trips to B&M (he loves shopping) and karate.

Ethan & Oliver have loved being spoilt on their birthday including new toys and sharing a mint choice chip ice cream sundae, trying out new bikes in the shop, being able to bounce on Mummy & Daddy’s old mattress and eating pizza on the sofa with Mummy whilst watching Despicable Me 3.

You can look back on October’s Me & Mine Halloween photos here.

Thank you for reading x

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  1. Sounds like a really great month filled with so many celebrations. I hope you enjoy the run up to Christmas #meandmineproject

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