Me & Mine Project {October 17}

This month the boys have been loving eating and drinking all the chocolate at our meals out at Bill’s and Timmermans Garden Centre, swimming and going down the big slide with Nana pushing the wheelbarrow at the pumpkin patch, trick or treating and spending a little bit of their pocket money on new pens and a small toy.

Me & Mine Project {September 17}

Oh September, where have you gone? Summer is officially over and Autumn is here.  Our school, after school activity and work routine has got back to normal now and we made it through some very busy weeks and weekends. Our first week of September was spent in Italy on holiday. We had a lovely time, […]

Me & Mine Project {August 17}

The month started with the boys at YMCA camp. They had a fun packed week going back and forward on the bus to camp and making some new friends. The second week they had a few more days with Nana and Grandad and we managed to fit in a haircut, buying new school shoes and a play date with a friend from school.

Me & Mine Project {July 17}

What with all the change of routine and craziness during the week, this month has been full of quiet weekends, catching up on cleaning and washing. The first weekend we went to a house party, the second Saturday the boys went to their last football practice until September and last Saturday we went into town quickly for a pizza at Suede bar to celebrate to start of the summer holidays but apart from that we’ve been having lazy mornings and time at the park.

Me & Mine Project {June 17}

We started the month off with a trip to Legoland.  It was the last few days of half term and our first visit to Legoland.  The weather was perfect and the boys were super excited. We had a wonderful time.  Our main photo this month is from our second day going into the park and as you can see the weather was amazing.  It was great to spend some time away just the four of us and we had some brilliant quality family time.  The photo below is from the first day when we first went on the new Ninjago ride.  We bought this as a moment but I wish we’d waited until the second day as we went on again and I won and now have no evidence of that fact!! Anyway it was great fun and the boys are already planning our next trip!

Me & Mine Project {May 17}

May has been busy and we’ve had some lovely weather the last two weeks or so (apart from Bank Holiday Monday of course!). I’ve taught an antenatal course plus a breastfeeding session, Matteo’s started a football coaching course and we’ve had another hospital appointment for Ethan.  This time to see a plastic surgeon about removing the raised mole on his cheek.  We now have a date booked in for a quick day surgery.

Me & Mine Project {April 17}

Matteo’s parents also came over and stayed with us for twelve days.  They helped us a bit round the house and in the garden and looked after the boys when we were at work. His Mum also cleared my ironing pile which I am so grateful for!!

One day we picked Matteo up from work and went for a drink and a cake at a local garden centre all together.  You can see my Instagram photo of the men of the family here.  

Me & Mine Project {March 17}

 I am so glad to have a little bit warmer weather.  Oliver asked to grow some strawberries this year and as the plants we have in the garden have been in for two years I let him pick some new ones at the garden centre this weekend as well as some vegetable seeds. He wants to have a go at growing carrots.  He was so excited to buy Italian seeds!  My spring bulbs are coming up in the garden and the flowers are blooming.  I can’t wait until April when the red tulips come out in the front garden so everything has a bit more colour.

Me & Mine Project {February 17}

This month has had its ups and downs, from a lovely half term week, to the washing machine breaking and another hospital stay for Ethan, albeit a lot shorter this time (only one night).  Our photos this month are a bit last minute and are not the best quality as the light wasn’t great on Sunday but I think we still got a few nice shots thanks to my Mum. 

Me & Mine Project {January 17}

It’s been a cold and dark month and we haven’t actually had much time to spend together as a family.  The first two weekends I was teaching and then the third Saturday I went on a study day so on Sunday we made an effort to get out the house for half an hour and go for a walk together to get some fresh air, even if it was absolutely freezing.  I took my tripod and new camera and was determined to figure out the self-timer setting.  I only got two good shots but I LOVE them.  I can’t believe we’re actually all smiling!  We went straight home after this as we really were getting cold.