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Me & Mine Project {September 17}

Oh September, where have you gone? Summer is officially over and Autumn is here.  Our school, after school activity and work routine has got back to normal now and we made it through some very busy weeks and weekends.

Our first week of September was spent in Italy on holiday. We had a lovely time, managed to relax, I actually read two books which is amazing as I hardly ever read at home, we ate gorgeous food and the boys had such fun. You can see a video of our holiday here.  Also last month’s Me & Mine photos were taken in Italy and you can take a look at those here.

The rest of September has been a bit of a blur really. I found it really tough coming back from holiday, spending a weekend getting everything ready for school and work and then jumping straight back in. The boys have been super tired and it seemed such a big step up from Foundation. Books, spellings, homework, I felt a bit overwhelmed for them and struggled to get my head around how we would fit all this in around swimming, karate, football and actually letting them have some time out after school and at the weekend. I want them to do well but at the same time I couldn’t help feeling like they were being put under so much pressure when they’re only five years old!

As well as all that going on I taught an antenatal class over two weekends, attended Blog On in Manchester and then had my first year Breastfeeding Counsellor assessment for which I had to be observed teaching and wrote a 1400 word reflection beforehand.  I’m definitely going to plan better for next September as it really was all too much at the same time, no wonder I was exhausted!

In September Matteo has been loving eating all the Italian food possible on holiday, drinking coffee (in Italy) which he never does at home, swimming in the pool, watching more of The X Files box set and getting back to his karate class.

I have loved reading novels again, relaxing in the sun, walks on the beach, Italian ice cream and meeting some lovely people at Blog On and feeling inspired.

The boys have loved going in their boat on the sea, jumping in the pool, playing table football with Daddy, eating Pistachio ice cream and at home, getting back into their swimming lessons and watching M.A.S.K., Voltron and Power Rangers SPD.

These photos were taken on the 1st October so a day late. I put the camera on the windowsill of the boy’s bedroom and we messed around with the self timer.

Thank you for reading x

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