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How to Be Beautiful This Fall Inside and Out – Guest Post by Brigitte Evans

Fall is here, the first leaves are turning orange and yellow, the temperature has dropped a bit and it’s time for another seasonal maintenance for our body. An adjustment here and there, a bit of fine tuning and we are ready to great fall looking and feeling our best. So let’s see what it is that you can do to stay radiant and healthy throughout the fall months.

How to Be Beautiful This Fall Inside and Out

Let’s start from the inside and work our way out

You cannot stay healthy throughout the fall if you don’t take care of your body and modify your nutrition. In addition, fall depression is quite real, and if we don’t take it head on it can reallyaffect how we are perceived and how radiant we look through these months. So let’s start with nutrition. Yes, the summer is over, and it’s better to accept it sooner rather than later. This also means that we are bound to stay active a bit less and definitely lack the sun exposure and that wonderful vitamin D intake. So how do we stay healthy and maintain our glowing skin. The first step is of course modifying our nutrition. Introduce some seasonal fruit and vegetables like pumpkins and pears, and also opt for some nutrient supplementation that includes vitamin D. It is always a good idea to opt for quality healthy snacks to enrich your fall diet and to provide your body with the immunity boost it is bound to need as the weather changes.

Now, the next step is keeping the positive attitude and not letting the lack of sunlight get you down. When you are happy, looking forward to each new day is the best way to look absolutely beautiful. It is our positive emotions that make us radiant. And in order to achieve this, during a generally gloomy season will take a bit of work. First, you should consider changing up your routine. Add a bit more time for yourself in your daily schedule, find things that make you smile, keep those energy levels up and the second you feel you mood is getting down, change something up again. There are many things you can look forward during the fall months, from the amazing colours in nature to great meals and some of the best-tasting tea.

How to Be Beautiful This Fall Inside and Out

Now let’s match your outside to that radiant inner beauty

Much like with your nutrition and daily routine your skincare and hair need a bit of a makeover for the fall months. Now that the summer’s over, it is time to get that thicker moisturizer tocombat the colder days and dry wind. You will also need to get exfoliating a bit more and don’tforget to protect your lips from cracking. All of this is a great prep for the even colder and drier winter months that are just around the corner. When it comes to makeup you can now replace the light summer layers with a bit stronger foundation and darker colours. Since you won’t be melting in the sun anymore you can definitely up your makeup game and introduce some great fall shades. You can go with bold eyebrows complimented with with nude eyes or opt for a morepowerful purple smokey eyes that are bound to draw attention this fall. In addition, don’t skip onthe chance to show off dramatic lip shades that will definitely be eye-catching.

How to Be Beautiful This Fall Inside and Out

Now, when we are talking about hair, of course it will need a bit time to recuperate from the merciless sun rays that dried it out during the summer. Add a bit more hair products to your hair care routine so that you can help it stay vital and fight off the cold and dry fall air, not to mention the inevitable winds. As for the hairstyles you can incorporate this fall, you have a whole array of modern styles to choose from. From the very popular bun-hawk if you have beautiful long hair to a chopped and layers ponytail for shorter cuts. One of the major 2018 trends is definitely the scarf-woven-braid, it is a bold fashion statement that could be a game changer this fall.

How to Be Beautiful This Fall Inside and Out

You are ready for your best fall look, enjoy this season and both look and feel beautiful thanks to the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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This post was written by:

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Beauty Department

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