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Roast dinner with Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

If you were to ask my boys what their favourite foods are their answers would be the perfect mix of English and Italian, just like them!  They love Yorkshire Puddings and Pancakes, Pizza and Pasta.  They absolutely love a roast dinner with gravy.  As an English person it’s such a tradition and I have to say it’s my favourite meal too.

Roast Dinner blog

Unfortunately I don’t make a roast very often as I don’t make the time to.  Sometimes it seems like a lot of work and I’m not very creative with the chicken leftovers (I tend to stick to the same two recipes – chicken pie or risotto) but when I do it’s definitely worth it and there is no fuss from the boys and always clean plates at the end of the meal.  Who doesn’t love a Sunday roast dinner?

Here is my version, I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as we do:

Roast chicken


This time I found an Organic chicken in the reduced section in Asda on a Saturday evening but in the past I have found that Aldi do the best value and best tasting free range chicken in the supermarkets.  I love chicken with lemon and thyme so I usually use Sainsburys Lemon & Thyme Stuffing Mix.  Half a pack is enough for us when stuffed inside the chicken with a wedge of lemon.  I also cut two slices of lemon and push them between the chicken breasts and skin so the juice infuses into the meat.  I  add some lemon thyme from the garden to the tray plus half a bulb of garlic if I’m making my own gravy.

I cooked this chicken for an hour and a half on 180 degrees C (fan).  It is cooked when the juices run clear. You can check this by putting a fork between the leg and the breast and pulling the leg away.

I always leave the chicken to rest for half an hour before carving and serving.  Cover with tin foil and leave on the side.

Roast chicken with stuffing

The Perfect Yorkshire Puddings (makes 6-8 large muffin size)

Whisk 115g of plain flour with two free range eggs and a good pinch of salt and pepper.

Whilst whisking slowly add 200ml whole milk until the mixture becomes a smooth batter.

Pour into a jug and leave to rest for at least an hour.

Turn the oven up to 210 degrees C (fan).

Add a spot of oil (vegetable or olive) to each section in a silicone muffin mould on a baking tray.

Warm in the hot oven for five minutes.

Pour the batter into the hot moulds and cook for 15-20 minutes depending on how golden brown or crispy you like them.

Double this recipe if making for more people.

Yorkshire Puddings

This recipe is inspired by and adapted from Gordon Ramsey’s book – Sunday Lunch.

If you’re looking for a recipe to use up any leftover chicken, why not try my Chicken & Coconut Risotto?


This time I used Kallo Organic Gluten-Free Chicken Gravy Granules but if you’re making your own here are my tips:

As soon as the chicken is cooked, lift up to let the juices drain and transfer to a plate.  Cover with foil and leave to rest for half an hour.

Spoon off any excess fat you can see by tilting the tray.  You can add this fat to the roasting dish to roast the potatoes in.

Add two heaped tablespoons of plain flour and half a chicken stock cube to the tray.  Squeeze out the roasted garlic here too if you have put them in.  With the back of the spoon mix the flour mixture into the chicken juices to make a paste and scrape any sticky bits off the bottom of the roasting tray.  Slowly add boiling water to clean the tray and transfer the mixture to a small saucepan adding the desired amount of water to almost fill the pan.  Add some gravy salt and a few small drops of gravy browning and bring to the boil whisking then stirring. Season to taste.

You can add whatever vegetables you like. This time I did roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots together in a dish with some olive oil, chicken juices, cinnamon and maple syrup.  I par boiled the potatoes before adding to the dish to make them extra fluffy.  I also did some steamed broccoli.  You could also cook some sausages and/or bacon if you wanted to.  Sometimes I just add them to the chicken roasting tray for half an hour.

Roast dinner with perfect yorkshire puddings

To finish off, here is a photo of Ethan pretending to steal Oliver’s Yorkshire Puddings as he was saving them until last and had to go to the toilet halfway through the meal!

Roast dinner

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  1. I love a good roast. I never made yorkshire puddings, then I moved to Yorkshire and married a Yorkshire man and had to learn. I’m so fussy with them, I weigh the eggs and then base the other ingredients around that.

    1. That sounds very technical! I always use this recipe and it never fails, my mum used to tell me to rest the mix for an hour or so but this rises perfectly even when you cook it immediately xx

  2. You can not beat a good roast dinner and while yorkshire puddings may traditionally go with roast beef I like them with all roasts it somehow complete the meal. What is it about something so simple can taste soooo good!

    1. I’m not really a beef or lamb fan so we usually have chicken as a roast or I love to do toad in the hole too, the kids always have an empty plate at the end! X

    1. I can’t do a roast dinner without them, it doesn’t seem right!

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