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The Siblings Project {November 17}

We’re on official countdown to the boys’ birthday in 5 days. They’re so excited and have been for weeks.  Nothing’s going to be a surprise as they have asked for specific things but we just haven’t decided if we will give them one or two presents the day before as their birthday is on Monday and therefore they’ll be at school all day.

The last four weeks have included Half Term.  The boys went to Nana and Grandad’s for three days and enjoyed going swimming twice, jumping in and going down the big slide. I had the end of the week off so we had three days together and enjoyed a breakfast out in town, going to the cinema to see The Jungle Bunch and a trip to the garden centre for cake.  At the end of the week we carved pumpkins for halloween.  The boys drew a picture and asked me to transfer it on to their pumpkin.  You can see us picking the pumpkin in last month’s Siblings project post here.

Halloween was on a Tuesday which is the boy’s swimming lesson day so we quickly came home and they got changed so we could just go down the road and back again trick or treating.  They got so many sweets and still haven’t eaten them all yet (because I ration them!).

Last weekend we went to try new bikes at Halfords so we know which size they need. The boys will be writing to Santa after their birthday so ask him to bring them.  The beginning of November has been quite quiet. There has been the school photo (which isn’t as good as last years so I won’t be ordering it this time) and the flu spray and they have started practising for their nativity.

This month’s photo’s were taken on Saturday.  I had actually sent the boys to their room as they were fighting and had ended up hurting each other. Within a few minutes they had calmed down and ended up on the floor giggling and giving each other massages and so I saw a photo opportunity especially as the light in their room was so good!

So I’m off work tomorrow sorting presents and planning chocolate cake making, look out for photos over the next few days 🙂

Thanks for reading x

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