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Our Dream Family Holiday Destination for 2018

The last few years we have holidayed on the east coast of Italy in the Marche and Abruzzo regions. We tried both self-catering and full-board accommodation. Going away with family means that you want to travel to a place that meets everyone’s needs.  Somewhere that is great for kids but makes the adults happy too.  Somewhere that caters for those that want to be active, but also for those that just want to totally relax and forget about their busy life back home for a short while. Matteo loves the beach and the sea air, whilst I am more than happy by the pool.  The boys love both, as long as they are active they’re content. This includes playing football on the sand and going in their boat on the sea as well as jumping in the pool and riding on Daddy’s back.

Sardinia MW blog-2

Our boys love to travel. They’ve always been happiest out and about, off on an adventure. Now they’re older and we tell them we’re planning a day out or weekend away or a holiday, they get so excited and ask every single day when we’re going!  “How many days now?”  If you’ve read my blog before you may know that my partner Matteo is Italian and that we are bringing up our twin boys to be bilingual.  It’s always been important to us that the boys speak both languages. It is part of their heritage and it will be an invaluable skill for their future.  This is why for the time being we want to keep exploring Italy, not only because it’s a wonderful place to visit but because it means that our boys can be surrounded by the language and culture and just soak it up.  We also can’t get enough of the gelato (ice cream)!


So our dream family holiday destination this year is Sardinia. I visited it in 2003 with an Italian friend and her family and it’s somewhere I will never forget and have always wanted to return to with Matteo.  The friendly people, the beautiful Mediterranean landscape, the beaches and the sea, a blue you only imagine seeing in the Caribbean, and trying new foods like pane caresau (typical flatbread) and pecorino sardo (cheese).  I swam in the sea there which is something I don’t normally do but it is so clear that I wasn’t afraid (I don’t like it when I can’t see the bottom!).

Mark Warner’s resort in Sardinia, Perdepera is on the east coast of the island between the mountains and a beautiful sandy bay, fantastic for trying out windsurfing and paddle boarding.  Right on the beach but with a swimming pool, it’s perfect for our preferences.  There are lots of activities to try including cycling, tennis and fitness classes or if you’re not feeling energetic and just want to relax whilst the children are at the kids club, you can book yourself in for a spa treatment.

MW Sardinia

A family holiday is also about making memories, the memories I started this blog to document and store for when the boys are older and we can look back on them together. Last year the boys had been in Italy with their Grandparents for two weeks before we flew down to meet them and spend 10 days together.  I will forever treasure the memories of the boys being so little, absolutely in their element, without a care in the world, enjoying family time and trying new things.

Italian holiday

Italian holiday

Italian holiday

Italian holiday


Italian holiday

Palm trees

Here is our video from last year’s holiday:

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you’re also thinking about a holiday in Italy this year, check out our 9 top tips to ensure you have a great time.  Or have you already visited Sardinia? What were your highlights? Feel free to leave me a comment below.

* This is our entry to the Mark Warner Ambassador Programme. Our family would love to make more memories like the ones above by becoming an #mwambassador *



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  1. Sardinia is supposed to be gorgeous, fabulous choice! It’s on my bucket list 🙂 Love all the images, I needed to see those to remember what the sun looks like 😉 Sim x

    1. Ha ha, I know! Love watching that video back when it’s freezing. Makes you feel warm ?

  2. Your cover photo is absolutely stunning, and I love all the happy memories you’ve shared here. The twins always look so happy! I love gelato too and there’s nothing like an ice cream face to cheer up your day ? I’m off to your YouTube channel to watch the video. Good luck with the ambassadorship application xxx

    1. They’re definitely happiest in summer, wearing shorts and t-shirts. You’d think they’d love the cold being winter babies but no, it’s the sun all the way! x

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