Me & Mine Project {February 17}

This month has had its ups and downs, from a lovely half term week, to the washing machine breaking and another hospital stay for Ethan, albeit a lot shorter this time (only one night).  Our photos this month are a bit last minute and are not the best quality as the light wasn’t great on Sunday but I think we still got a few nice shots thanks to my Mum. 

Motherhood 1 month in

Motherhood One Month In – What Does It Really Look Like?

What do you feel when you see Beyoncé’s twins introduction photo? What do you see?  Do you just see a beautifully styled photo and think “aww, a Mum and her babies”. Do you see a perfect image of motherhood? Does it make you feel jealous that you didn’t look like that one month after giving birth?  This post is about my thoughts on that photo and a reflection on my own experience.